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Software Consulting

The Indellient team has a proven history of designing and implementing software solutions that support key business processes through collaboration support and workflow automation. While our team offers extensive technical credentials in the Notes / Domino, Sharepoint and .NET technology arenas, it is our focus on solid project management, analytical and design skills that differentiate our team and have generated a long history of satisfied customers.   While our team has deployed a wide variety of business systems for our clients, we have deployed a number of solutions that support:
  • Business partner tracking and program management
  • Education and certification program management
  • Testing and quality assurance processes
  Each of the business problems solved by the projects above are characterized by complex, multi-player, multi-organization business processes. The ability of Indellient team members to understand complete business processes and de-compose them into simple and practical to implement elements has been a fundamental building block of our success.