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Be Confident in Your Data and Your Decisions

  Confidence happens when you believe in the tools, systems and people around you. It stems from knowing you are well prepared with information that is accurate and readily available.   By combining our expertise and experience with your business knowledge, we deliver solutions that meet your distinct needs while giving you the confidence necessary to achieve your objectives. Instead of large upfront costs, we work with your existing systems to build effective incremental solutions, quickly showing insights into your business and establishing confidence in a data-driven culture.  

Through Evidence, We Provide Clarity and Confidence

Big Data and Analytics Data-based evidence leads to clarity and insights giving you the confidence to act decisively. Fortune 100 companies and beyond rely on Indellient to deliver evidence, clarity and confidence day in and day out – and we can help you get there, one step at a time.
    1.  Build: We get creative. We connect the dots. We bring together the right combination of expertise, business acumen, methodologies, software and tools to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of your business. We do it right – we know when to steer you away from a solution that will not be beneficial or cost-effective.
    1. Adopt and Train: Once we build a solution we work with your team to increase adoption of both the developed solution and an analytics mindset throughout the organization. We facilitate training and long-term planning to continuously enable functional areas to manage big data and analytics. We ensure it’s a routine part of your day-to-day.
  1. Continued Success: Your business changes and our solutions may need to, too. As such, we develop multi-year relationships with our clients to ensure sustainable and continued success. We become partners in the evolution of your business.

We’ve Implemented Highly Successful Projects for Today’s Top Companies

Using advanced modelling techniques including predictive and prescriptive modelling, we have been able to solve complex business challenges across multiple data sets. Layered with data visualization capabilities, strong analytical skills and real-time solutions, we can deliver effective and easy-to-use solutions. Some of the project areas we have worked in include:
    1. Business Analytics
    1. Digital Marketing Analytics
    1. Compliance, Fraud and Risk Analytics
  We are challenge seekers. Let’s get to work.