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A Positive Shopping Experience Increases Sales

In order to remain competitive in E-commerce and Retail, you need to provide the best shopping experience. Your Customer expects your website to be available (especially during big sales), your inventory to be correct, and to easily find the product. You want to increase sales, encourage upsell, and improve brand loyalty.

Indellient offers many services to give your business a competitive edge. From website modernization and cloud management to custom dashboards that bring all of your data sources in one place. Our team of experts is armed with the knowledge and tools to improve customer lifetime value, increase sales, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

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  • Custom Analytics Platform for Large Digital Document Delivery CompanyJanuary 01, 1970
    Executive Summary Our client needed an analytics platform to analyze consumer enrollment and delivery patterns for their electronic document delivery services. The purpose of the analysis was to improve their service offerings, adoption of paperless document delivery and overall customer satisfaction. Indellient developed and maintains a data-mart with powerful reporting… Read Full Story
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