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Notes Integration Inspector

Indellient’s Notes Integration Inspector (NII) is a software solution which identifies and reports the integration points between a collection of Lotus Notes databases and MS-Office application functionality. The application automatically traverses a configured set of Lotus Notes applications in order to identify all code fragments associated with such integration points. The logic of interest is collected and highlighted for easy organization and human interpretation as required. NII further expands the scope of its information collection, by detecting all instances of file based I/O and automated creation of external application objects.   The NII application examines all design elements and supported languages (e.g. Macros, Lotuscript, JavaScript, Java) embedded within the applications. Each code element is analyzed for external application integration and flagged according to the types of logic identified. The application optionally reports only the flagged code elements, or optionally all code logic within the applications. All inspection results are conveniently stored within a Lotus Notes database for easy manipulation and access to the code driving MS-Office integration and file system I/O.  

Key Features

  • Exhaustive discovery of all Lotus Notes application logic based upon a configured set of servers and / or directories
  • Analysis of code within each application across design element types (excluding XPages for Release 1.0 of NII)
  • Optional storage of all application logic if additional context is required for application analysis
  • Rapid and efficient collection of relevant logic by integrating crawl, extraction, de-compilation, analysis and storage steps
  • Minimized reporting of ‘false positives’ through interpretation of code structure
  • Simplified interpretation of results through highly visible markup of points of interest within reported code
  • Optional collection of statistics on embedded or attached MS-Office content in application data

Technical Features

  • The interface has been simplified to minimize the time required to install and configure the software
  • The Notes Integration Inspector is installed as a single package, with all required application components included
  • There are no requirements for additional reporting, collection or analysis software. Only Lotus Notes client software needs to be installed on the workstation executing NII.
  • NII minimizes security concerns by optionally extracting only the code of interest, and not the entire application or application design