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Elysium Compare

Elysium is a comparison tool that allows you to see the differences between document versions by displaying the changes directly in the files. It’s simple, easy, and completely free.  

Key Features

  • Quick and Easy Upload your files and click compare. It’s that easy! We know your time is precious so we’ve designed Elysium to get you results with minimal effort.
  • Side by Side Results Our side by side results give you context as to where changes have occurred, and help you understand exactly what is happening with your documents without the need to flip back and forth between documents.
  • Compare Images Need to know if a logo has changed between document versions? No problem. Elysium can handle text and images, preventing you from having to run multiple document comparison tools.
  • Change Indicators Your documents can have a lot of text and manually finding where your colleague has changed an ‘and’ to an ‘or’ can be difficult. Our change indicators make finding changes quick and simple by highlighting the affected rows.
  • Layered Results Change indicators get added to your results document as layers, so it’s easy to hide anything you don’t want to see.
  • Flexible File Types Elysium supports comparison of PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, plain text and rich text. No need to convert anything. We’ll do it for you!

New Features

  Now it’s even easier to quickly compare several document versions at once and with greater accuracy. Our side-by-side document compare engine has undergone a significant overhaul, and we’ve embarked on a new level of performance for streamlined processes. The new offering rolled out this year allows for the comparison of several document versions at once for greater scalability, time savings and overall efficiency.   So far users have achieved a 25% improvement in batch compare speeds, and can easily compare a document of over 1000 pages quickly and accurately. This paired with our robust version control drastically saves you time, improves tracking and overall document management.   For our full document revision solution, visit the Blue Relay product page. BlueRelay accelerates the editing and reviewing of complex documents and includes Elysium Compare, integrated workflow, and document annotations. Contact us if you’d like to get the software for these new features.  

We Want Your Feedback

We’re always looking for feedback, whether you thought the results weren’t what you were expecting or have an interesting feature request, we’d like to know.     If you think you have an idea to make Elysium Compare better, reach us through our feedback tool.