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Blue Relay

Blue Relay gives you complete control and visibility into your current business processes so you can significantly improve efficiency levels. Powerful features like document workflow, comparison and annotations allow you to accelerate approval processes by streamlining collaboration so you can see up to 300% gains in efficiency.  

Improve Quality and Compliance

  With Blue Relay, documents can now be seamlessly created and circulated for approval while meeting tight deadlines. From insurance, health, financial, legal, real estate or energy, our solution is greatly valued in increasingly regulated industries for its ability to improve quality and compliance.  

Key BenefitsWith document workflows, comparison and annotations, Blue Relay simplifies business process management and document review.

  • Delivery of timely and relevant documents/communications/materials
  • Greater adherence to SLAs
  • Meet requirements set by regulatory bodies
  • Better manage large document review cycles without adding personnel
  • Significantly improve collaboration among stakeholders in review processes
  • Increase agility in document/communication development processes
  • Reduce overhead costs by improving process efficiency and resource allocation, maximize ROI
  • Access to up-to-the-minute status reports
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