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Asset Conversion Inspector

Indellient’s Asset Conversion Inspector (ACI) is a software solution which assesses the suitability of IBM Lotus Symphony as a replacement for MS-Office software for a specific customer. Based upon content examined in the client’s environment, the Asset Conversion Inspector constructs a view of the application requirements of the user community for MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint, and identifies potential IBM Lotus Symphony adoption challenges.   Clients may choose to send data files created by the Asset Conversion Inspector to Indellient for more detailed analysis and reporting by Indellient’s team of conversion experts. The report outlines specific challenges that will be experienced during migration, coexistence with Microsoft Office usage (short and long term), and steady state IBM Lotus Symphony adoption. The report includes step by step instructions for users to restore full functionality to converted documents in cases where there are minor migration issues. This deliverable can be used as a basis for the software replacement decision, including support of a business plan based upon objective, indisputable facts. Indellient Inc. will also provide a sample migration plan that can be utilized should the replacement decision be finalized.  

Key Features

Installation – Easy single package installation and simple configuration are designed to require minimal effort and time to obtain actionable results.   Discovery – ACI completes an exhaustive discovery of MS-Office assets by crawling one or more directory trees of local and / or network based directories.   Analysis – ACI analyzes MS-Office Documents and Templates (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to extract structural and automation details.   Statistics – ACI generates file level statistics (in Comma-Separated Value format) of software usage that is relevant to the Symphony adoption strategy. It allows the user to perform Quick Scans to rapidly obtain MS-Office statistics to optimize discovery and analysis work.   Reporting – ACI provides immediate visual feedback following scan completion through easy to access and understand reports.   Exporting – ACI exports reports into a consolidated directory for client manipulation and / or delivery to an external party for detailed analysis. Meta-data extraction and reporting is available in both Quick Scan and Full Scan modes to provide an understanding of high level usage patterns.