Integrating Chef Habitat Applications into HashiCorp Vault

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Integrating Chef Habitat Applications into HashiCorp Vault

In this webinar, we take a deeper dive into how applications automated with Chef Habitat can seamlessly integrate into HashiCorp Vault. By doing so, you can provide the correct access control over different secrets without the overhead of managing secrets manually.

Watch along as Siraj Rauff, a DevOps Specialist at Indellient, runs through:

● How to effectively manage your applications while maintaining security protocols
● Patterns for integrating Habitat applications with Vault
● Integration with non-Habitat Vault vs. Habitat Vault implementations
● A demo of a Habitat application consuming secrets from Vault

You can take a look at all the examples and code we cover in the webinar here:

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Siraj Rauff

DevOps Specialist

Indellient Inc

Fraser Pollock

Staff Solutions Engineer


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