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Deliver Quickly and Consistently with an End-To-End DevOps Pipeline

Designing and implementing your own pipeline is difficult and time-consuming. We’ve been there and know the pain points. That’s why we are offering Managed Pipeline to jump start your DevOps journey. We help you set up a pipeline and run it with industry leading DevOps tools and capabilities.

Operating System Management

An OS pipeline gives you a consistent way to build, secure, harden, deliver and manage your operating systems. Now you can create, configure and deliver your OS in an automated way. This significantly reduces the errors and effort required with manual management.

Do you have monitoring, security, log, and metric aggregation tools? No problem. We can help install, configure and manage these across your server fleet automatically.

Application Management and Automation

With Managed Pipeline, everything for your applications, services, and infrastructure are automated. To do so, we employ DevOps best practices such as continuous integration, continuous deployment, application automation, release management, secret management and monitoring.

Managed Pipeline enables you to onboard and manage your applications in a reliable, consistent and secure way without delays or errors. Now you can focus on delivering software and solutions that impress customers and drive loyalty.

Security and Compliance

Security is at the forefront of Managed Pipeline. Our Continuous Compliance solution will regularly scan your deployment environments and servers to ensure you are always up-to-date and secure.

We use industry best practices while ensuring your organizational standards are enforced. The real bonus? With everything tracked, auditing is much easier.

  • “I wanted to let you know that you have an awesome team who is helping us tremendously to push our backlog and release demand on pipeline forward. Without them it would have been very difficult to close certain milestones.” Release Team Manager, Fortune 20 Company

Clouds We Support

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How To Get Started

We have helped organizations cut down the development and release cycle from months to hours. To guide you on your path to automation, our team will:

1. Set Goals

Work with you to clearly document desired business outcomes.

2. Discover

Discover existing gaps that may exist in your processes, tools, and resources.

3. Strategy

Define a roadmap for implementation if Managed Pipeline make sense for your organization.

4. Pipeline Deployment

Deploy your pipeline to an existing or new cloud instance.

5. Application Onboarding

Onboard your applications (after all, a Pipeline alone provides no ROI!)

6. Training

Provide Training to your team.

7. Continuous Support

Continuously monitor and support updates to the Managed Pipeline


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