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Why Custom Services
Vs. Managed Pipeline

If you have flexibility in your DevOps technology selection, are working in the cloud or are new to DevOps capabilities, our Managed Pipeline offering is best suited for you.

If, however, you want to deploy a pipeline to an on-premise data center or if your organization requires a high number of customizations, then our custom services as detailed below are for you.

Our Custom Services and Consulting Capabilities

We can quickly deploy the proper tools with the customizations and integration components needed to support your environment. To set you up for a successful implementation, we cover the following five-step process:

Business Goal Analysis

We work with your team to understand where you are now at a business level and where you need to be. Armed with knowledge of your current state, we will recommend the sequence of activities, investments and cultural changes needed to accelerate your progress.

Technical Assessments

We will complete reference architecture and application assessments to understand your DevOps readiness from a technical perspective and create a plan to meet your objectives. Through this process, we will clearly articulate the proper governance, technical solutions and cultural changes necessary for success.

DevOps Pipeline Design, Development and Implementation

With your team, we create an automated toolchain that enables you to build, test, deliver, and deploy simply and consistently. We provide a comprehensive solution, with coverage ranging from Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to industry-proven secret management principles, and more. We help set up and refine your pipeline.

Application Modernization and Application Onboarding Services

From legacy apps to modern technology, we’ll help you manage your applications across any platform. We define a repeatable application onboarding process that is optimized for scale. With us, you can eliminate the unnecessary costs and effort that detract from creating continuous value to your customers.

Training Services

We will train your team and get them up to speed through our expert-led training sessions, project-based training and transformation workshops.


We Bring Together the Right Tools and Process to Help You Automate and Move Quickly









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