Do Change with Chef

You’ve come to the right place. When it comes to Chef, we know and love it all. From small scale operations to highly complex global environments, we have the experience. Together, we’ll make sure you are maximizing your Chef investments.
We work with great partners like Indellient to accelerate key initiatives, where the outcome is to drive to value really quickly. Ricardo Lupo - Customer Success Manager at Chef
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Infrastructure Architecture

Establish Reliability and Scalability

Don’t get left behind. Moving to infrastructure-as-code is critical to ensuring fast, reliable and consistent system performance.

We’ll help you design and implement the proper, scalable infrastructure for your on-premise, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. From small firms to multi-generation Fortune 100 companies, we’ve worked across a variety of complex scenarios.

Configuration Management

Gain Full Control and Visibility

Setting up the proper configuration management solution takes time. We’ll work closely with your team to correctly design and implement a custom configuration management pipeline that utilizes Cookbooks with Chef Automate to meet the needs of your organization.

Along the way we will train your team with Chef Automate so you can finally remove the chaos and surprises that happen with manual processes.


Compliance Design and Implementation

Automate Security Checks and Simplify Audits

Compliance shouldn’t slow you down. With compliance-as-code, you can meet all requirements while still maintaining speed.

Wherever you need a boost - whether it’s setting up built-in or custom profiles, running compliance scans, remediating or determining how a compliance pipeline fits into your environment, we’ll make sure you meet regulatory and auditing needs.

Application Automation

Quickly Launch New Features

With Chef Habitat you can build, deploy, and manage applications anywhere. It allows you to have a standard, repeatable way of deploying any application to any environment. If you need to modernize legacy systems or at the core just need to achieve higher speed-to-market, we can help you launch Habitat to do so.

To help you get started on your automation journey, we can deliver a proof-of-concept that generates results within 30-60 days.


Upgrade Services

Always Have Best-In-Class

Looking to upgrade your Chef environment? Not sure how the update will impact your environment? Don’t stay behind because of this

We’ll help you get started with an impact assessment. From there we will guide your team in implementing the technical upgrade itself. Breaking is bad and we’re here to eliminate that risk for you.

Managed Services

Never Miss a Beat

Is your team hungry for the fun and innovative work? Hand over management of your services and we’ll make sure everything is in check.

We provide full monitoring, upgrade and enhancement support. No matter how vast, varied, complex or secure your environments are, you will move faster at less cost and risk. We offer managed services across the whole journey including Automate 2 and Habitat Depot.


We Have a Few Ways to Help you Get Moving Quickly

We have flexible ways to accelerate you on your path, depending on your needs and resources:

  • Assessment Starter Pack

    We’ll conduct a discovery session to understand where you are, where you need to be and advise a plan to get there.

  • Implementation and Managed Services

    Let’s get technical. We can dig in and help you do the work; whether short-term, long term, on or off-site.

  • Training and Workshops

    Get your team up to speed through our expert-led training sessions, project-based training and transformation workshops.


Need More Help?

If you need assistance on any of the services above, get in touch with us!