Quickly See Business Value and Insight from Your Data

Get real, actionable insights from the wealth of data you're facing using advanced data and analytics methodologies, innovative storytelling techniques, and technology partners who quickly maximize value.
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Be Confident in Your Data and Your Decisions

We are data fanatics and challenge seekers. Learn how we help teams deliver evidence, clarity and confidence day in and day out.

  • Sentiment Analysis in Action

    We help strengthen IBM’s offering and marketing strategy using actionable insights from their consumers, in real-time.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing ROI

    A Fortune 100 company uses innovative analytical methodologies to clearly link each marketing dollar spent to actual sales across several channels and products.

  • Risk Analysis with Machine Learning

    Advanced analytics and machine learning helps to detect possible expense claim fraud worldwide. Issues are identified quicker and more accurately than ever before.

Move Through Your Data and Analytics Journey Quickly and Without Risk

Wherever you are in your journey, we apply the unique skills, technology and methodologies to ensure that you meet your business goals faster. To help you move through the data and analytics journey, we provide services in:

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    Foundational Assessments
  • logo_of_data_consolidation_and_storage
    Data Consolidation and Storage
  • logo_of_data_cleaning_and_ingestion
    Data Cleaning and Ingestion
  • logo_of_enrichment_analytics_and_visualizations
    Enrichment, Analytics and Visualizations
  • logo_of_machinelearning_datascience_and_ai
    Machine Learning, Data Science and AI
  • logo_of_ongoing_professional_services_and_training
    Ongoing Professional Services and Training

Our Technology Partners

  • logo_of_dundas

    With our Dundas BI partnership, we offer a more powerful data and analytics solution.

  • logo_of_massmedia

    We partnered with MaassMedia to provide digital data collection, strategy, and analysis services for enterprises.


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