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Blue Relay For Document Process Automation

Blue Relay is a software solution that allows teams to collaborate on document content changes and automate manual file processing tasks. It is an ideal solution for highly regulated industries such as Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, where multiple stakeholders are involved in preparing, editing, reviewing and reporting on documents changes.

Blue Relay Features

Evolving and emerging compliance requirements introduce unprecedented levels of effort, spread across many stakeholders, when creating, editing, reviewing and approving critical business documents.  Blue Relay features have been designed specifically to let customers confidently keep pace with expectations in this challenging environment.

Process Management

A rich feature set can be used to define and consistently apply timing, sequence and responsibility rules to processes, while reducing the risk associated with manual processing.

Document Comparison

Easily compare documents using built-in integration with version management, introducing efficiency, confidence and accuracy in iterative document review and approval processes.  Blue Relay supports PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and OpenOffice.

Document Creation

Enable the rapid and accurate versioning of documents and document templates by leveraging business rules and data.

Resource Management

Easily assign, reassign and prioritize tasks across teams and individuals with the click of a button to make efficient use of time and human resources.

Quality Assurance

Establish confidence that every critical document to support your business has been reviewed, updated and approved by key stakeholders to ensure document quality and compliance.  Blue Relay defines, manages and tracks every element of quality assurance from production through delivery.


Dashboards and Reporting

Maintain status on workloads, projects and documents, including visual, real-time tracking.

Blue Relay Results

 Our customers have seen vast improvements in the organization, management and visibility of their documents.
Here are a few key metrics.

Icon of a large gear floating above a conveyor belt

400% increase in production efficiency

Icon of a clock with a purple gear on the bottom right with a dollar sign in the middle

45% reduction in cycle time

icon with three, dark blue rectangular boxes with a large checkmark against a purple background on the left side, and lines of varying length to the right of that

Automation of over 350,000 tasks for a single client.

Icon of four circles with a circle and oval representing a persons head and body in the middle, all of with are connected by a blue line. There are an additional two lines protruding from the top left and bottom left circles which have a purple ball/circle at the end.

Support for over 350 active users all with reliable access to the platform.

Icon of a clipboard with two lines on it, the first has a checkmark beside blue lines of varying length, and the second has the same but with the checkmark gone and just an empty checkbox

Full, real-time visibility via over 250 reports for a large PBM.

In just seconds we could pull a review of what happened and prove everything was okay and up to spec.

Manager, Program Oversight and Communications A Blue Cross Blue Shield Company

Solutions Across Industries

We work closely with clients across industries, to capture and optimize their document processing and management requirements.


Easily manage the data and materials for ANOCs, EOCs, SBs, letters, ID cards, Enrollment Kits, Health Statements, Geo-coded Directories and Pharmacy and Provider Materials.

Service Providers

Customer Communication Management (CCM) providers, print management companies, and business process management firms can ensure quality customer service and timely document preparation.

Agencies & Media

Easily track, collaborate and manage the document process related to campaigns, recall programs, and correspondence.


Track reviews, versions and edits of contracts, employee or service guidelines, manuals, and reference materials.


Easily collect and manage documents that are part of legal case preparation and execution.


Create, customize and manage client-facing materials to offer impactful and personalized experiences.

Our team has a wealth of experience providing solutions in Healthcare and Insurance:

Medical Advantage

From Material creation (e.g. ANOCs, EOCs, SBs, letters, ID cards, Enrollment Kits, Health Statements, and Additional Correspondence) to Geo-coded Directories and Pharmacy and Provider Materials, Blue Relay will optimize the review and approval processes with full compliance


Struggling to consolidate the data and documents required for Notice of Intent to Apply? Blue Relay can streamline the application process with the CMS.


Blue Relay will facilitate the collection and review of evidence (documents and data) to provide the new CMS for participation in the Medicare EHR Incentive program.

Marketing Materials

In need of help with marketing and outreach materials to members and health care providers? Blue Relay can assist here as well.



Blue Relay allows for the management of templates and versions of different correspondence materials.

Appeals and Grievance

Something in here about how we process appeals and other things.



Blue Relay allows for the management of templates and versions of different correspondence materials.

Appeals and Grievance

Something in here about how we process appeals and other things.

Customer Success

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