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Streamline software release and orchestration on-premise and in the cloud

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Why Is DevOps Important?

DevOps brings development, operations, security and business teams together to build and deliver software more reliably. Roll out business capabilities, applications and fixes, faster!

Update on the State
of DevOps

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Indellient DevOps Services

Our services span the application lifecycle and can be used for applications across Windows and Linux environments, from commercial-off-the-shelf software, to home-grown custom software.

Get a tools, infrastructure and process assessment

Define a strategic implementation plan

Optimize your DevOps environment configuration

Improve application and code onboarding

Integrate your DevOps tool chain

Develop your CI and CD pipeline

Improve infrastructure provisioning

Enable application lifecycle monitoring and maintenance

Integrate Your DevOps Toolchain

Let us help you design, build, implement, and automate your CI/CD processes.


Technology Partners

We offer specialized services and training in Chef Software, HashiCorp and ShuttleOps technologies!

As an Artisan Chef partner, we offer expert services for architecture, implementation and training across Chef’s entire suite of application, infrastructure, security, and compliance solutions.

We’re a Specialized HashiCorp partner. We provide implementation and training services across HashiCorp technologies, enabling you to benefit from a multi-cloud, dynamic and distributed applications and infrastructure.

ShuttleOps is a cloud-based automated release orchestration (ARO) tool. Perfect for teams who want to deliver products, fixes and updates to the cloud, quickly and securely – especially if you’re a Chef Habitat customer.

Want to transform your business through technology?
Let us help you find the ideal solution for you.

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Indellient is on active member of the DevOps community. Check out our projects.

Customer Success

  • Leading Auto Manufacturer Uses DevOps to Drive EfficiencyJanuary 01, 1970
    Challenge Takes up to 3 months to deploy a new environments due to labor-intensive manual processes, multiple tools and complex environments. Solution An application lifecycle management strategy that supports highly-available clustered databases, data aggregation and monitoring tools, business intelligence and analytics platforms and enterprise content management suites. Outcome A total… Read Full Story
  • Image of the outside of a car which driving in a tunnel, with the driver side rear view mirror visible and a time lapse streak of lights on the left side indicating other moving cars January 01, 1970

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