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We take a customer-first approach to help you build a modern cloud strategy on Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Our team can help you build, replatform, migrate and integrate applications, so you can benefit from the scalability, agility, and performance available through cloud technologies.

Interested in modernizing your software delivery practice?

Is your application flexible enough to meet your business goals?

Evolving business and customer demands require modern architectures and cloud technologies to quickly scale application and service delivery.

Build an agile architecture with micro-services and container strategies

Enable speed and scale with cloud-native applications

Improve business productivity with real-time data and system integration

Adapt to changing customer needs and migrate legacy systems to the cloud

Design scalable patterns to solve recurring integration problems

Standardize app deployment across production, staging, and test environments

Improve application access, performance security and accuracy

Customize applications to accelerate solution adoption

Benefits of a Modern Cloud Environment

We design and implement world-class cloud services for customers of all sizes, to support their mission-critical data, applications, and operations.

  • Create a secure and agile infrastructure to support fluctuating demand for processing capacity, data storage and bandwidth
  • Provide stakeholders with anywhere, any-time accessibility to data and digital tools
  • Reduce maintenance and storage costs while increasing the effectiveness of IT processes
  • Replace outdated functionality and complex systems
  • Implement a robust, comprehensive disaster recovery program

How can we help you meet your goals?

Our talented team of cloud experts can help you modernize your infrastructure and applications

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Business Analysts

Our business analysts work closely with your team to gather requirements, understand your processes and technology-stack, so we can build and deliver a results-oriented solution.

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Full Stack Developers

With an experienced team of front-end and back-end developers, we’ve got the right skill set to work with any leading infrastructure provider, to get your applications and services optimized in the cloud.

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UI/UX Designers

Visual design is ciritical to the overall experience and interaction with an application or website. Our team of designers offers modern practices to present content, drive engagement and create amazing esthetic impact, resulting in maximum customer satisfaction.

Indellient Service Engagement Model

Our engagement style is to provide full transparency and deliver quick wins often. We do this by blending agile and waterfall methodologies, so we can scope and plan on end-to-end solution, while iterating and optimizing discreet units of work to validate the solution and deliver on-going value.

Discovery & Planning

  • Understand short and long term objectives.
  • Define requirements and the scope of release.

Design & Construction

  • Validate the design with the stakeholders; wireframes metric definitions, etc.
  • Quality Assurance Testing.


  • Perform multiple UAT iterations, adjusting the solution to ensure success.
  • Ideas out of initial scope are captured for future iterations
  • Delivery is completed.
  • Solution documentation is provided, enabling ownership of the solution if desired.

Indellient helped us define, build and deploy new ‘gold standard’ application servers to ensure compliance adherence and mitigate risk.

DevOps Lead Major Financial Service Company

Tools & Software

We work with a range of technology solutions, here are a few.

Customer Success

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