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Expert-led architecture, implementation and training services

Modern DevOps Strategies for the Coded Enterprise

Best Practices & Expert Advice to Enable Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery Across Your Organization

Infrastructure Automation

Establish Reliability and Scalability

Implement a scalable infrastructure for your on-premise, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, for fast and consistent system provisioning.

Configuration Management

Gain Full Control and Visibility

Design and implement custom pipelines that utilize Chef Infra and Chef Automate to manage the configuration and compliance remediation of your systems.

Continuous Compliance

Automate Security Checks and Simplify Audits

Satisfy regulatory and audit need without compromising speed with Chef InSpec profiles, compliance scans, and drift detection.

Application Automation

Effortlessly Manage Applications

Use Chef Habitat to build, deploy, and manage applications in any environment. Modernize legacy systems and achieve faster, consistent and reliable application delivery.

Operating System Packaging

Stability and Flexibility

Use Chef and HashiCorp technologies to build a flexible, distributed multi-OS, multi-cloud environment with hardened OS and container images that meet your organizations needs.

Custom Services

Optimize Your Environment

Upgrade, operationalize and accelerate the use of your investments with DevOps best practices and practical implementation approaches.

Chef Products We Work With

We offer hands-on, in-person training designed to accelerate time to value using Chef products.

One Day Workshop

An Introduction to Chef Habitat

This course explores Habitat’s application automation strategy, included tools, and commonly used integrations. Setting a foundation through use-case exploration and real-world examples, this course paves the way to an understanding of Habitat’s capabilities and how it fits into your organizational tech stack.

Two Day Workshop

An Technical Journey with Chef Habitat

This course explores Habitat’s automation strategies, included tools, and integrations diving deep into how these work at a technical level while integrating best practices for Habitat package development. The course also introduces production-level considerations and a multiple-machine deployment example that provides multiple debugging strategies and introduces approaches used in day-to-day Habitat deployments and design.

Let’s work together

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