Blue Relay optimizes your people, processes and tools with 5 core pillars:

Blue Relay Dashboard

Task Management

  • Receive notifications and alerts on events and tasks.
  • Manage all SLA and compliance requirements.
  • Collaborate on tasks via review/approval discussion boards.
  • Reduce the number of overdue tasks by 50%.

Process Management

  • Leverage customized, automated workflows to ensure work is completed right the first time.
  • Quickly assign and re-assign tasks on the fly to balance workload.
  • Define processes via checklist and forms for guidance and regulatory adherence.
  • Reduce time per task by over 60%.
Blue Relay Dashboard

Blue Relay Dashboard

Content Creation

  • Use business rules and data to automate content creation.
  • Easily compare versions of content to clearly see changes.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of templates managed by up to 70%.

Tracking and Reporting

  • Fully-integrated Report Builder for tracking millions of events on all tasks and processes, in real-time.
  • Pull and track data from internal and external platforms for live audits.
  • Create and use over 200+ custom reports to gain full visibility into their operations.
Blue Relay Dashboard

Blue Relay Dashboard

Business Insight

  • Gain full operational insight via customizable dashboards based on role.
  • Business intelligence widgets that show the information you need to see.
  • Gain operational insight to automate over 350,000 tasks during peak quarters.


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