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How Blue Relay Helps

By keeping everyone on the same page, Blue Relay ensures your team delivers consistent, compliant and timely work. We help organizations improve processes that involve:

  • team collaborate

    Many people and teams that need to regularly collaborate on tasks.

  • complex process

    Complex, labor intensive processes that need checkpoints and guidelines at each stage.

  • manual tools

    Manual, siloed tools (e.g. spreadsheets, email, etc.) that make it difficult to gain visibility, control, and efficiency.

  • deadline

    Time-sensitive deadlines that can impact service-level agreements and customer experience.


5 Core Pillars of Blue Relay

Blue Relay Dashboard
  • Task Management

    In an instant, everyone will know exactly what to do and when. This visibility can reduce the number of overdue tasks by 50%.

  • Process Management

    Trust that everyone’s work is completed right the first time with built-in checks and reviews. With fewer errors, you can reduce the time required per task by over 60%.

  • Quickly Create Content

    Automate the creation of your content by using business rules and data.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    Get information when you need it. Filter and customize your information with over 80 out-of-the-box report widgets.

  • Business Insight

    Know exactly what is happening in real-time. Blue Relay has tracked millions of events in real-time.

Blue Relay has been proven to provide:

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    400% increase in production efficiency

  • logo_of_balanced_lifestyle

    45% reduction in cycle time and rework

  • logo_of_meaningful_work

    Automation of over 350,000 tasks for a single client

  • logo_of_open_collaboration

    Support for over 350 active users all with reliable access to the Platform

  • logo_of_open_collaboration

    Full, Real-time Visibility via over 250 reports for a large PBM

  • Successful examples in Health Care

  • Award Winning business process management solution


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    Case Studies

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