Blue Relay for Health Insurance, PBMs & Health Payers

Our team has a wealth of experience providing solutions in Healthcare and Insurance:

  • Medical Advantage

    • From Material Creation (e.g. ANOCs, EOCs, SBs, Letters, ID Cards, Enrollment Kits, Health Statements, and Additional Correspondence) to Geo-coded Directories and Pharmacy and Provider materials, Blue Relay will optimize the review and approval processes with full compliance.
    • NOIA

      Struggling to consolidate the data and documents required for Notice of Intent to Apply? Blue Relay can streamline the application process with the CMS.

    • Attestation

      Blue Relay will facilitate the collection and review of evidence (documents and data) to provide to the CMS for participation in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program.

    • Marketing Materials

      In need of help with marketing and outreach materials to members and health care providers? Blue Relay can assist here as well.

  • Commercial


    • Correspondence

      Blue Relay allows for the management of templates and versions of different correspondence materials.

    • Appeals and Grievance

The Blue Relay team prides itself on our ability to aid health plans to conduct year-over-year updates on their material review and approval processes. We work with health care teams to identify areas of improvement, and successfully deploy year-over-over updates to provide continued improvement in their environments.

Learn more about how Blue Relay has been successfully used by Health Care teams here.

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