Blue Relay for Health Insurance, PBMs & Health Payers

Blue Relay was originally designed as a process automation platform to assist health insurance, pharmacy benefit managers, and health care payers in their daily activities. Since its creation, Blue Relay has pushed teams forward by streamlining processes, providing full task visibility and driving productivity in the ever-changing Health Care and Insurance spaces.

Our team has a wealth of experience providing solutions in Healthcare and Insurance:

  • Medical Advantage

    • From Material Creation (e.g. ANOCs, EOCs, SBs, Letters, ID Cards, Enrollment Kits, Health Statements, and Additional Correspondence) to Geo-coded Directories and Pharmacy and Provider materials, Blue Relay will optimize the review and approval processes with full compliance.
    • NOIA

      Struggling to consolidate the data and documents required for Notice of Intent to Apply? Blue Relay can streamline the application process with the CMS.

    • Attestation

      Blue Relay will facilitate the collection and review of evidence (documents and data) to provide to the CMS for participation in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program.

    • Marketing Materials

      In need of help with marketing and outreach materials to members and health care providers? Blue Relay can assist here as well.

  • Commercial


    • Correspondence

      Blue Relay allows for the management of templates and versions of different correspondence materials.

    • Appeals and Grievance

The Blue Relay team prides itself on our ability to aid health plans to conduct year-over-year updates on their material review and approval processes. We work with health care teams to identify areas of improvement, and successfully deploy year-over-over updates to provide continued improvement in their environments.

Learn more about how Blue Relay has been successfully used by Health Care teams here.

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