Blue Relay for Health Plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Significantly improve the accuracy, speed and effectiveness of your health plan operations. We’ll give you the confidence to ensure you always deliver on-time, on-budget and with full compliance. Download this guide to learn how Blue Relay improves operational visibility and collaboration.
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Simplify the Way You Deliver Your Member Programs, Services and Communications

Blue Relay enables you to significantly improve productivity, risk management and cost containment within key operations such as:

  • Member Material Development
  • PBP Bid Submissions
  • Provider Directories
  • Broker Onboarding and Certifications
  • Blue Relay gave us a clear understanding of where we needed to improve for the next plan year – we never had insights like this before. Director of Medicare Operations, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Automating Operations to Drive Compliance, Auditability and Control

Learn how we are driving change and making an impact for health plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

  • Member Material Development

    Express Scripts can rest assured that all member materials have been properly reviewed, approved and produced on-time and with full accuracy.

  • Compliant Medicare Materials

    A BCBS company reduced errors, compliance risk and overhead while increasing output. Now they can respond faster to new CMS guidelines than ever before.

  • Seamless Onboarding with Blue Relay

    Blue Relay delivers value immediately with a quick integration and onboarding process. See how this firm received results in just a few days.

  • Webinar with Express Scripts

    In just 3 months, Express Scripts significantly improved the accuracy, speed and effectiveness of developing member materials.


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Get it Right the First Time

Blue Relay optimizes your people, processes and tools with 5 main pillars:

Blue Relay Dashboard
  • Task Management

    Trust that everyone knows exactly what to do. Reduce the number of overdue tasks by 50%.

  • Process Management

    Ensure work is completed right the first time. Reduce time per task by over 60%.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    Get information when you need it. Tailor the info you need with 80 report widgets.

Blue Relay for Health Dashboard
  • Business Insight

    Know exactly what is happening in an instant. Blue Relay has tracked millions of events in real-time.

  • Guidance Engine

    Always know what to do next. 95% of surveyors use Blue Relay to optimize processes and improve efficiency.


A Winning Business Process Management Solution

  • logo_of_pbmi_excellence_award

    Blue Relay received an Excellence Award in Quality Improvement from the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI).

  • My experience with Blue Relay was excellent. The efficiencies gained, allowed my staff to increase workload by over 300 percent without increase to headcount. Tom Ferrazzano, Sr. Director Enterprise Document Management

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