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Looking to work in the tech industry? While many folks flock to product-based companies, your job-style may actually be more suited to Professional Services! Finding a good company fit will leave you feeling more fulfilled and accomplished.

As an IT Professional Services company, Indellient provides services like Software Solution Creation, Data Architecture, and Cloud Services. Today we discuss reasons to consider working for a Professional Services company like ours. 

What is Professional Services?

To start, let’s discuss what Professional Services is. Professional Service organizations provide support to businesses (clients) in the form of advice or performing complementary roles. Professional Services organizations help clients manage, support, and grow their business. You have likely seen services like Audit, Tax, Financial Advisory, or Consulting. 

An IT Professional Services company is hired on a contract or temporary basis to complete certain aspects of a project. The opportunities are only limited by the contracts the company chooses to take on. At Indellient, we work on a breadth of projects from Data Architecture, DevOps ServicesApplication Development, and more.  

Work with Top Companies and Industries 

So, let’s dig into some of the benefits of joining a Professional Services company. Often, while on the job hunt, candidates look to big, recognizable names – like Fortune 500 companies. While you can work directly for one of these organizations, the hiring processes can be long and complex. 

You may face hurdles like large candidate pools and ATS algorithms that auto-disqualify resumes. However, a little-known fact is that you can still work with these companies, without working for them! Many of these companies also hire Professional Services firms. When you work with an IT Professional Services company, you’ll get the opportunity to work with multiple Fortune 500 companies.  

Professional Services companies work with a range of clients of different sizes across major industries: 

This type of exposure will help you develop a well-rounded career. If you’re unsure of the type of industry you’re interested in, working at a Professional Services organization may help you get a glimpse into the various industries, their strengths and their challenges.  

Get Connected 

Are you the type of person who enjoys high-collaboration or do you prefer to go it alone? Professional Services is a great fit for individuals that consider themselves “people-people”. You’ll have lots of opportunities to work with and meet many different people such as colleagues, clients, and technology partners. Additionally, you’ll get insights into how organizations operate by participating in the sales cycle and learn more about the business.   

Diverse Work Portfolios  

IT Professional Services companies provide a range of services that are equipped to answer their clients’ needs. This means they are more flexible on tools and trends and offer a wide selection of projects. Although an IT Professional Services company may grow more slowly over time, with a diverse work portfolio, there is an increased chance of company stability. 

Work with the Newest Technologies and Trends 

As an IT Professional Services company, Indellient is always providing new and unique solutions to our clients’ problems. This means investing in the newest tools, technologies, and trends to solve issues efficiently and quickly. To continue leveling-up, we provide and support many opportunities for training and certifications.  

Take time to consider how you’d like to develop your career. Are you someone who prefers to specialize in one technology? Or do you want to experiment with multiple tools? At an IT Professional Services company, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and try a variety of new things.  

Grow Your Career 

Working in the tech industry provides many opportunities in terms of careers. It’s important to find one that aligns with your work style for a truly enriching career. 

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