Why We Re-Opened the Office


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After 5 long months of closure, Indellient office doors re-opened August 17th. From this date, employees are allowed the option to work from the office should they feel safe and comfortable to do so. When in the office they are subject to guidelines set out by the HR team.

There is still a long road to recovery as we navigate the new normal, but it is safe to say our team members are thrilled to have the option of working from home or the office.

The Benefit of the Office

We realize that a lot of other workplaces have shut their doors for the rest of the year and some, indefinitely. So, why did we decide to open the doors to our office?

Our decision to open the office is not to force everyone back to the office immediately. Instead, it is a response to requests from our team members:

  • Many of them felt isolated, missing the water cooler conversations
  • Some just simply missed the drive to work
  • Others are more productive in an office setting

Of course, we have continued to keep in touch and collaborate through Zoom, like everyone else. But there is something to be said about the speed at which things get done and the wholesome feeling of seeing your team members in flesh and blood.

The Downsides of Remote Work

We discussed the benefits of working from the office, but surprisingly there are negatives from working from home. Team members have said:

“I missed having ‘normal hours’ .as with remote working, often you’re working not only odd hours but long hours because of the distractions over the course of the day”.

“I have kids at home and its finally great to be working in a quiet environment without being interrupted every few minutes”.

At Indellient we put the needs of our team members first. As a professional services organization, our team members are our biggest asset.

Office Updates for Safety

Having been open for a few days, seeing the positive responses from some of our team members, we are happy that we took this step. We are happy to see people happy about being at the office. At the same understand that some of us think it is not the right time for them. We respect and understand those choices as well.

All efforts have been made to ensure that the opening is compliant with government safety guidelines. This will be continually monitored should any further measures need to be implemented. The health and safety of all our employees remains our priority, we do emphasize that our virtual doors are not closing. The return to the office will remain 100% optional for the foreseeable future.

We place a lot of trust in our employees to accomplish their tasks and projects regardless of whether they work from home or at the office. Indellient allowed team members to work from home 2 days a week prior to the pandemic. What was once considered a perk is now the ‘new normal’.

Indellient is seeing on an average of around 10% of our team members taking up the opportunity to use the office on any given day. We love hearing ‘its great to be back’ from those that have returned. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for us to get back into our pre-pandemic rhythm and routine. Regardless of where we are, we will continue to provide the excellent customer service we’re known for by our clients.

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