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Yonathan Koren
Yonathan Koren

I’ve been using HashiCorp’s solutions for several years, so when the opportunity to speak at their annual conference, HashiConf, came up — I jumped on it. When crafting my speaking session topic, I wanted to highlight the power of HashiCorp technologies within the broader DevOps ecosystem. As my team and I implement their solutions for several clients, we see how critical HashiCorp technologies are in creating reliable pipelines with other pieces of the DevOps puzzle. Below is a summary of the topic I’ll be speaking about on September 10 at HashiConf.

By the way, if you aren’t aware of HashiCorp technologies, we break down how we use their tools with clients each and every day in this blog post.

What I will be speaking about at HashiConf:

The Tao of HashiCorp references the Unix philosophy’s principles of simplicity, modularity, and composability, as is evident in the HashiCorp suite’s separation of Cloud Infrastructure Automation into four responsibilities: provision, secure, connect and run. However, the Unix philosophy’s first rule – Do one thing and do it well – means that the creation of application pipelines falls outside the scope of the HashiCorp suite.

This talk will outline an application pipeline that employs the Tao of HashiCorp to establish its own areas of responsibility – consume, build and deliver – and further describe how we can use Jenkins and Chef Habitat to achieve these goals as easily as possible. Along the way, this talk will explain how the application pipeline will interact with the components of the HashiCorp suite.

Throughout my talk, I will cover HashiCorp Terraform, Consul, Vault and Nomad.

The when and where:

  • Speaking on Tuesday, September 10
  • At 12:55 PM

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HashiConf has a great way to find all the sessions that you are of interest to you – use the filter at the top to search sessions by topics or solutions. My talk will be part of the Hallway Track; you can find the list of tracks for September 10 here.

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Yonathan Koren

Hi, I’m Yonathan Koren. As a DevOps Specialist at Indellient, I help organizations along their DevOps journeys. In the past, I used to be an operator, and one of the themes that deeply resonates with me is the struggle developers and operators experience when they feel that they are working against each other. My goal is to help organizations achieve their business goals by adopting workflows that promote productivity, autonomy, and collaboration. I am a certified HashiCorp practitioner, working closely with the HashiCorp suite. I have also given talks alongside Chef and HashiCorp regarding the importance of consistent, composable packaging of organizations’ applications using Chef Habitat, which allows them to deploy to VMs, bare metal, Nomad, or Kubernetes using a single artifact.