Webinar Recap: Using HashiCorp Vault with Chef Habitat


We recently hosted a great webinar with our pals at HashiCorp! Our DevOps Specialist, Siraj Rauff, and HashiCorp’s Staff Solutions Engineer, Fraser Pollock, discussed how modern companies can deliver services across multiple environments faster, more securely and reliably.

If you’re a Chef user who needs to distribute sensitive information to nodes or a security-conscious user wishing to distribute secrets with configuration management, this is the webinar for you!

Watch the full webinar recording here.

Keep reading for a rundown of HashiCorp Vault and Chef Habitat.

What is Secrets Management & Why Do We Need It?

As infrastructure increases in complexity, so too does our need to secure it. This task is often left to IT teams (sysadmins and devs) who must find a way to centrally store secrets like API keys, credentials, certificates and other secure information. But the safe storage and sharing of this information is becoming more difficult with modern, complex infrastructures.

Enter HashiCorp Vault. Vault centrally manages and enforces access to secrets and systems based on trusted sources of application and user identity.

However, a challenge organizations face when integrating Vault in their infrastructure is how to fetch secrets from Vault using a configuration management tool, such as Chef Habitat.

What is Chef Habitat?

Habitat creates platform-independent build artifacts that can be run on traditional servers and virtual machines or exported into your preferred container platform, letting you deploy your applications in any environment. Learn more about Habitat here.

Solving the Security Crisis

Using Vault with Habitat can accelerate application delivery, secure your infrastructure and ensure your IT teams are all on the same page.

In the webinar, our experts discussed:

  • Details of the Vault & Consul Habitat Packages
  • How to bind the Vault Service to Consul using Habitat to allow clustering
  • How to make use of Habitat Configuration Templates to unseal vault

With Chef Habitat and HashiCorp Vault, the possibilities are truly endless.

Getting Started with Vault

  • Find out where your secrets are within your organization
  • Create a centralization of secrets – this is the start to control access to your secrets!
  • Create an audit (consult your notepads, GitHub repots etc.)

At the end of it all, we gave our audience a demo of Vault and Habitat.

View our Open Source Habitat Vault Plan on GitHub here.

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