Tips to Thrive in a Hybrid Work Environment

Sharna DeJong
People & Culture Coordinator

Indellient offers employees three work modes to choose from; remote, in-person, and hybrid. A recent survey conducted revealed that 34% of Indellienters work hybrid. 

Although hybrid work gives our employees flexibility and reduces time spent commuting, there are also some distinct challenges with this work mode. These are some tips to help you thrive in a hybrid work environment.  

  1. Establish a Consistent Schedule 

“Work isn’t a place you go. It’s a thing you do.” — Satya Nadella

Hybrid work can blur the lines between work and home, making it difficult to switch off. To prevent this, try to stick to regular work hours and regular personal hours. At Indellient our core hours are 10 am to 3 pm, however, we pride ourselves on our team’s willingness to become flexible and adaptable in the face of client projects. Aside from those established core hours and special client instances, our employees are free to work the rest of their eight-hour day at whatever time they want.  

Make sure to commit to personal hours, giving yourself time and space away from work to rest and recharge. A lot of Indellient employees find sticking to a regular routine helps improve their mental health. 

“Indellient’s flexible work modes have tremendously benefitted my mental health and quality of life. I have found that a lack of daily commute gives me more time and energy to focus on work while being able to better manage my personal life.” — Shiv Kamal, Marketing Lead @ Indellient

  1. Set Healthy Boundaries 

Hybrid work is so convenient, making it a challenge to switch off at the end of the day. Indellient encourages employees to update their Outlook accounts with their out-of-office hours. When synced with company communication applications the notifications can be muted and others on the team know when they can expect a response.  

It can be difficult to clearly define what consists of an emergency versus something that can wait till the next business day. To prevent burnout, identify these priorities with your manager and team.  

Additionally, create a dedicated workspace that you don’t use during your personal hours. Without the temptation to check up on emails or projects, disconnecting from work becomes easier.  

  1. Become Best Friends with the Cloud  

Try moving as much of your work as possible to the cloud. Not only you can access work anytime and anywhere, but so can your coworkers who may also be working hybrid. It also allows you to collaborate in real-time together.  

Another benefit is that the cloud allows you to work from any computer. Gone are the days when you have to worry about forgetting your computer in the office. 

  1. Create a Hybrid Buddy System  

It can be lonely working in a big office by yourself when all your coworkers are working from home the day you decide to come in. To prevent this, Indellient uses a Slack channel called “#indellient-hybrid. Employees can coordinate office days and events. The People and Culture team at Indellient often organizes breakfast on the most popular days.  

  1. Create a Comfortable Home Office 

The world of ergonomics can be overwhelming. Start with what works for you and level up from there. The basics of any good home office include privacy, adequate light, and easy access to power.   

When choosing your home office location ensure it is somewhere you can take calls and focus. Lighting is a key to creating a productive atmosphere. If you can, try to establish your office somewhere with natural lighting as sunlight is known for improving mental health.  

If you’re working in your bedroom, try to avoid working while sitting up in bed. Although fun, it can lead to stress and strain on your back and neck.  

Sitting for eight hours straight is hard on one’s body, so make sure to take regular breaks. Experts advise getting up to move and stretch after every 30 minutes of continuous sitting.  

To make a smooth transition from working at home or the office, make sure you have your essentials at both locations. For example, some Indellient employees keep one pair of blue light glasses in their home office and one pair at their office desk.

The best way to make sure you thrive in a hybrid work environment is to work somewhere that supports your lifestyle. At Indellient we believe our employees can work from anywhere and thrive in their careers too. Check out our Careers page for opportunities to work alongside our amazing team.

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