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Indellient Attends PROFIT 500 CEO Summit

After 13 years of sustained growth, including all but one of those quarters being profitable, Indellient has exploded onto the national stage and we are excited to be showcasing our successes and sharing our story with the world.

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It’s Official! Indellient is Named on the Exclusive PROFIT 500 List

The PROFIT 500 showcases Canada’s hottest companies. And this year, Indellient makes that list, coming in at #304 of 500 trailblazers in the nation.The list represents the highest tier of entrepreneurialism in Canada. Companies that make it on this list exemplify what it means to be innovative, forward-thinking and strategic.

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Adam Caromicoli: One of Indellient’s Founding Fathers

Adam Caromicoli is more than just Indellient’s Founder and Managing Partner. He’s also an investor (in our people), an inventor (of ideas and services) and a retired taxi driver (to his two children). But most of all, he’s a leader – and has been since the start of Indellient in 2004.

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