Image of a drawing of three different coloured womens hands, all with red nail polish, performing a raised fist

Celebrating International Women’s Day in a New Era

Today we have a different platform – the online platform - to discuss and promote women empowerment. The largest online movement of its kind, the recent #MeToo campaign, shows us the true force of technology, and how a single hashtag can ignite a g...

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Closeup image of the bottom right of a calculator placed atop a paper with a bar graph with data in increments of three, along with a closeup of the tip of a black pen that is slightly out of focus

Indellient, Analytics and the World of Watson

Indellient, the creators of Blue Relay, attended IBM’s World of Watson conference in the Fall of 2016. The conference brought together some of the brightest minds to discuss analytics, cognitive systems, IoT, data, and more....

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