Inside Indellient: Jesse Prieur

Inside Indellient is our monthly spotlight where you can get to know a team member on a personal level. Our June Employee Spotlight shines bright on Jesse, a Solutions Engineer at Indellient....

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Inside Indellient: Shiv Kamal

This May, our Employee Spotlight is on Shiv Kamal, our Marketing Lead at Indellient. He specializes in brand awareness and analyzing inbound data. When he isn't overseeing campaigns or implementing strategies, Shiv enjoys photography, and travelling,...

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Jason Kuffour

Inside Indellient: Jason Kuffour

Jason has been a part of the Indellient team since July 2017. He is well known around the office for always willing to lend a hand and for his camaraderie....

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Ricky Panchal

Inside Indellient: Ricky Panchal

Ricky joined and revolutionized our teams in December 2015 by building our current Project Management team and processes. This fall Ricky was promoted to VP of Service Delivery and we are so lucky to have him!...

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Bawa Prashar

Inside Indellient: Bawa Prashar

We are excited to introduce Bawa Prashar, a Senior Project Manager at Indellient who supports our Cloud Application Management Team. Bawa is easy to talk to and detail-oriented; making him one of the best Reviewers at Indellient...

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Employee Spotlight: Radhika Krishnan, Full Stack Developer

Inside Indellient: Radhika Krishnan

This month on Inside Indellient we introduce our Full Stack Developer Radhika Krishnan. Radhika joined Indellient in July 2019 and has been a great support to her team ever since!...

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Mubaraka Parekh

Inside Indellient: Mubaraka Parekh

This month we are excited to hear from Mubaraka Parekh, a Software Developer in our Cloud Application Development team! Mubaraka has been with us for four years and is a great dev and supportive teammate....

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Content Marketing Specialist Heather Munro

Inside Indellient: Heather Munro

Introducing the Content Marketing Specialist Heather Munro in this months Employee Spotlight! Learn more about our team and what makes Indellient a great place to work....

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