Introducing Vault Keeper

Chef Habitat + Vault = vault-helper

After much discussion with the internal team at Indellient, Inc., we decided Chef Habitat needed a service like consul-template, that allowed for parsing of tokens in arbitrary hooks and files in the Chef Habitat package when the service is started...

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Damith and Chris talk about DevOps Challenges at Chef Conf

DevOps Transformation in Large Enterprises

At ChefConf 2019, Damith - Indellient's VP of DevOps - sat down with Chris from Digital Anarchist to discuss this and the changing landscape of Enterprise DevOps. You can watch the interview over here or read the full transcript at the end of this po...

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What to Expect at #ChefConf2019

t’s that time of year again. Some of our Indellient team members will be grabbing their Year 3 sticker at ChefConf 2019. Needless to say, we are looking forward to a fantastic time with all of you, the #ChefFriends community....

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Image with the Chef, Indellient, and Sensu logos

Indellient Helps Build Sensu Habitat Core Plans

Now, Sensu is integrated within Habitat’s core plans, available to the open source community. Sensu is a monitoring tool that is well-suited for monitoring all environments with full visibility across all systems and protocols....

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Indellient Announces New Open Source Jenkins Plugin

Indellient Inc. – a software development and IT professional services firm that empowers businesses to meet and exceed their critical business and technology objectives – today has launched its first open source Jenkins plugin that will enable Je...

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