Image of a male child using a laptop, and female child using a tablet, done in a cartoon style against a multi-hued blue background with the words "Kids Who Code" in between the children

Supporting Kids Who Code

“Design-thinking”, “cognitive science” and “application development” may not come to mind when thinking about summer camp programming for a group of fifth to eighth graders, but that is exactly what Dr. Christopher Anand of McMaster Unive...

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Photo of two men sittng at a restaurant table, one of which is showing something to the other on a tablet

The Future of CX is AI

Forbes predicts that by 2025 an estimated 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI technology. Google has even......

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Where Are You in Today’s Analytics Journey?

To our surprise, 33% of participants described themselves at the very basic level of using traditional analytics, where structured data is sourced internally and in small volumes. In this stage, analysis is not seen as a basis for competition and is ...

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