Stay Connected with Slack while WFH


Stay connected at while working from home with Slack

At Indellient our biggest strength is our connection to people: our clients and especially our co workers. To deliver our best customer service we rely on team work, and we believe our team thrives with proper communication. Indellient is a professional services organization who works with clients across North America, and we pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships remotely. Today we will go over the best ways to keep your team connected on a personal level with Slack while working from home.

Create Fun Channels

Indellient has employees across Canada and the US. Since our company is very spread out we are always able to chit chat through our hobby Slack channels. An important part of team building is maintaining parts of your personality and it really comes through in our personal hobbies. Some of the fun channels we use at Indellient include:

  • Music
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Anime
  • Photography
  • Ski and Snowboard
  • Cars
  • Book Club

Organizing Hobby Channels

A concern when adding hobby Slack channels is that they will clutter up important work channels. It’s important to use naming convention to avoid cluttering channels. For this reason it is policy for all hobby channels to be named with a “Z” at the beginning of the channel name. Example: #z-photography or #z-book-club

When channels are named with Z in front they will go straight to the bottom of the channel list. If you would like to keep track of some hobby channels you can always “Star” a channel. Favourite channels will show up in their own group at the top of the channel list. To Star or Favourite a channel select the star under the channel name.

Use Slack Plugins

Install plugins to Slack and make the application more interactive! Indellient uses a few different plugins like Giphy and Simple Polls. Our favourite app for making connections is Donut.

The Donut Plugin will randomly select 2-3 employees to meet sometime in the month. This app is completely voluntary and only assigns people who have joined the Donut Channel. Indellient gives employees time each month to meet grab a coffee/snack, and chat. This application is a great way for people on different ends of the company to meet and discuss on a personal level.

Just because we are all working from home doesn’t mean Donut Meetings need to stop! We recommend setting up a conference call, grabbing a drink of choice, and spending time to chat and get to know one another remotely.

Use Video Conferencing Often

Most people enjoy face to face meetings but it’s just not possible when everyone is working remotely. While some companies use specific conferencing tools Slack has an integrated video call system. Rather than struggle to communicate through messenger or emails take the time to meet often through video. Spend more time face to face.

Calls can be made in channels or private messages with two or more people.

Indellient values our employees and values the connections they have made at work. If you’re interested in joining our team we are always looking for Data Scientists, Full Stack Developers, Data Engineers and more. Check out our Open Positions.

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