SkuVault – Sisense Embedded Analytics

Nevil Whitty
Business Development Manager

SkuVault and Sisense Case Study

Executive Summary

SkuVault provides an eCommerce Inventory Management Software for B2B and B2C merchants. Indellient worked with SkuVault to improve their existing analytics module within their software, giving clients a competitive advantage. The updated module needed to provide more information in an easy-to-consume way across a set of KPI’s that matter most in e-commerce inventory processes.

Sisense was selected as the new analytics platform and was embedded into the SkuVault application. Indellient worked closely with the SkuVault team from design to implementation over a 12-week period. 

The newly embedded Sisense reporting, now called SkuVault Data-Coach, received strong positive reviews from SkuVault customers for its ability to detect and act on inventory, and product related issues, in near real-time. In addition to more data, the consolidation of data now delivers to SkuVault customers a faster experience to accurately track their inventory levels, sales numbers, and warehouse activities.

About SkuVault

SkuVault is a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system that solves the most difficult challenge in omnichannel & eCommerce fulfillment: managing and tracking inventory at scale. Delivered via a Software-as-a-Service model, SkuVault’s product is directly integrated with channel management systems, eCommerce store platforms, shipping software and many other operational technology platforms, creating a more seamless experience for its customers and allowing for a more streamlined product fulfillment.

The Challenge

SkuVault’s clients deal with large volumes of eCommerce inventory data across their sales locations and warehouses. They needed a standard and easy-to-consume analytics dashboard. The solution needed to merge seamlessly with the SkuVault platform’s user interface. With a tight deadline for integration of Sisense into their platform, SkuVault sought assistance from an experienced data analytics professional services company, Indellient.

Why Indellient

Indellient is a long-time Sisense partner and has 17 years of experience in helping companies big and small translate their business objectives into data analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions.  As one of the fastest growing IT companies in Canada, providing flexible and timely solutions is at the core of our services’ value.

Why Sisense

Sisense accelerates data analytics initiatives by providing an all-in-one analytics platform that is easy to use and manage. Sisense uses a modern data architecture capable of processing big data sets for analytical use cases, significantly reducing time-to-value.  Additionally, Sisense has given SkuVault the ability to deliver meaningful analytical insights directly to customers’ fingertips using Sisense’s best-in-class analytics embedding features.

The Solution

Indellient worked with SkuVault closely from conception to implementation to ensure a thorough analytics module that would fulfill all the requirements below:


Scope Assessment to capture all required business deliverables and define technical metric definitions against the necessary source data.


Design & Development of Sisense Elasticubes against databases containing hundreds of millions of records.


Setup of data security best practices in the multi-tenant environment.


Creation of the required dashboards according to all specifications, and support embedding of the dashboards into the existing SkuVault application.


Onboarding and training of SkuVault participants for best use of the Sisense features and functionality.  


Future planning of additional uses of Sisense within SkuVault’s solution.


From initial customer reviews, the embedded Sisense reporting within SkuVault has been very well received. Indellient worked with SkuVault from KPI conception, metric and calculation definitions, dashboard design, data ingestion, through to implementation of Sisense into their existing platform. Leveraging Indellient’s project management and technical expertise, the SkuVault and Indellient team were able to complete this engagement in less than 12 weeks.

Next Steps

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