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Solution Design is the Blueprint

Understanding Solution Design (Infographic)

Similarly, a solution designer creates a blueprint of any reasonably complex IT system. The system design not only defines the features and requirements of a solution but also benefits various aspects of an organization.

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Team Work and Team Growth in Tech

Team Growth in the IT Services Industry 

As your business grows it's important to make sure your team is growing alongside to promote happy employees and general innovation. From your leadership team to your overall culture, you need to promote the importance of continuous growth.

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Migration Paths for Cloud Adoption

Migration Paths for Your Cloud Strategy

We go step by step through the 7 R's of Cloud Migration in order for you to make the best cloud migration strategy for your business. Balance budgeting as well as your cloud expectations to move to the cloud affordably and quickly.

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Ricky Panchal

Inside Indellient: Ricky Panchal

Ricky joined and revolutionized our teams in December 2015 by building our current Project Management team and processes. This fall Ricky was promoted to VP of Service Delivery and we are so lucky to have him!

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Indellient’s take on Work-Life Balance

Saying you have a work culture of work-life balance is different from actually encouraging it. Some great approaches Indellient takes include ample Vacation time, multiple work options (from home, office, or hybrid), as well as flexible core working hours.

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AWS Partner Network- Indellient

Why Work with an AWS Partner?

From cost savings to technical guidance working with an AWS Partner is the best way to get the most out of your AWS Services. Learn more here on why you should choose an AWS Partner when looking for Cloud Support.

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