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Code to Cloud ShuttleOps

ShuttleOps takes Code to Cloud in Under 10 Minutes!

May 21, 2019. Toronto, ON – Indellient Inc. a top Canadian IT Services firm, is excited to announce that it is spinning off a new software company and product called ShuttleOps. The new company will focus on automated application delivery solutions for small and medium size companies, who want to standardize and improve release frequency, but don’t have the skills or resources to implement complex continuous integration and continuous delivery product portfolios.  

After identifying common barriers to implementing application release and delivery solutions with several clients, Indellient developed a new approach that simplifies the arduous and complex process of application delivery. ShuttleOps is a SaaS-based solution that combines application build, deploy and analytics capabilities into one product so users can deliver applications consistently to the cloud, in under 10 minutes.  

“Having CI/CD and analytics capabilities in one product brings development, operations and infrastructure benefits together, to obtain measurable improvements to business results for our clients.” says Adam Caromicoli, President, Indellient. “With ShuttleOps, companies can realize the financial and strategic benefits of rapid application delivery, without those benefits being cancelled out by implementation, customization and integration costs.”

ShuttleOps streamlines application delivery through an intuitive user experience, enabling effortless management of the entire application lifecycle. This translates to faster software delivery, dramatically reduces errors and mitigates unplanned downtime. One of ShuttleOps unique features is the Quick Launch, which guides users through a few easy steps to create pipelines that orchestrate their end-to-end application delivery process.  

“Having an online solution with a seamless pipeline creation tool empowers rapid application onboarding and delivery, which goes a long way to the eliminate the time, cost and complexity customers experience with traditional DevOps solution installation, customization, onboarding and training. With ShuttleOps, you can quite literally go from code to cloud in minutes.”

    – Damith Karunaratne, President, ShuttleOps. 

ShuttleOps will be previewed at ChefConf 2019 in Seattle May 20-23. The initial release scheduled for Fall 2019 will focus on helping Chef Habitat customers Launch Code to the Cloud in Under 10 mins. Subsequent 2019 releases will include support for Chef Automate, Gitlab, Bitbucket, containers, additional languages and cloud platforms.  

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Shuttle Ops Key Features

Quickly and easily create pipelines, with manual or automated approval gates, rollback procedures and full reporting.  

  • Easily deploy packages between environments 
  • Infrastructure configuration is part of the pipeline 
  • Integrated secrets management 
  • Integrated build system 
  • Supports multi-app orchestration and clustered deployments
  • Single pane of glass – visibility into environments, applications and services 
  • Reporting & Analytics 
  • Progressive Automation 

ShuttleOps will be available for purchase in Fall of 2019, with FREE and paid tiers to suit any organization. For more information visit 

“With ShuttleOps, you can quite literally go from code to cloud in minutes.”

    – Damith Karunaratne, President, ShuttleOps. 

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