Make HIPAA Compliance Easier with Workflow Automation



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HIPAA compliance and maintaining client privacy is a top priority in the health care industry. As important as it is, remaining HIPAA compliant can be difficult when dealing with hundreds of thousands of documents. Today we at Indellient explain how the right Workflow Automation Tool can help your company remain HIPAA compliant.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliance applies to any company that works with client health care information. Compliance is necessary to keep client health information secure and private.

HIPAA requirements can include Employee Training, as well as Software, Hardware, and Document Security.

Using Workflow Automation Tools to Remain HIPAA Compliant

Staying HIPAA compliant creates many challenges for the Healthcare industry struggling with:

  • A huge volume of documents
  • complicated document workflows
  • Multiple collaborators

Misplaced documents, missed deadlines, and missed steps can all create HIPAA Violations during an audit. The natural solution is moving to a Workflow Automation Tool that will keep everyone on track and highlight any potential problems before they occur.

What to Look for in a Workflow Automation Tool for HIPAA Compliance

Custom Document Management Workflows

When dealing with many documents you need a tool that can assign metadata and categorize documents as they come in. A great Document Management tool will recognize different types of documents based on categories and set them on a preset workflow, assigning them to the correct participants right away. No more manually emailing documents back and forth, making them more vulnerable to security problems or getting lost in someone’s inbox.

Quality Assurance: Automated Preset Checklists

The right workflow automation tool will allow you to set checklists for any reviewers to follow. No matter how many years in the business humans are prone to errors and even simple items like appropriate signatures can be missed. When working in a highly regulated industry it’s important to have a tool that automatically gives a checklist for the reviewer to confirm each item before they complete the task.

Collaboration Visibility through Analytics

A large part of staying HIPAA compliant is securing who can see what documents, and to track each stage of the document workflow. A great workflow automation tool will provide insights into the history of the document, who has seen this document and when. This  allows the platform to act both as a planning tool to improve team efficiency and provide history to prove compliance during a HIPAA audit.

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Blue Relay is a Document Process Automation Tool that can help your company adjust to working remotely and remain HIPAA Compliant. Blue Relay helps with Workflow Automation, Team Collaboration, and Document Review and Approval Get your company back on track while remaining compliant.

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