Let’s Celebrate Women in Tech on International Women’s Day!


Image of a conference room with several people sitting around a large rectangular desk, most with laptops in front of them, looking towards a whiteboard that has a woman pointing towards the whiteboard and leading the meeting

Technology brings a level of connectivity to the world – and on March 8, women in tech addressed their connectivity to the industry, or lack thereof, and the importance of increasing their presence in this sphere for greater change and impact.

The goal of International Women’s Day – a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – is to promote women’s leadership everywhere: in the workplace, schools, communities and at home. Like many technology companies on this day, Indellient celebrated our female role models that come from all backgrounds and walks of life. These women, be it programmers, software developers or HR leaders, have greatly influenced our company’s values of inclusiveness which has been woven into the fabric of everything we do. In a male-centric world like technology, they are brilliant role models on and off the field.

The day gave us a chance to ponder the unequivocal impact of women on the world. In fact, research shows that women’s choices impact up to 85 percent of purchasing decisions. By some analyses, they account for $4.3 trillion of total U.S. consumer spending of $5.9 trillion, making women the largest single economic force in the world. With that in mind, couldn’t tech companies benefit from an understanding of the perspectives and needs of the “largest single economic force” in the world? In a perfect world maybe, but today the technology world is still a boy’s club with only 25 percent of IT jobs held by women and only 11 percent of women executives at Fortune 500 companies.

To fill the gender gap, companies must follow key best practices including mentorship programs, skills development training and HR practices that raise awareness of the advantages of a gender equilibrium.

International Women’s Day isn’t just a day to pat women on the back for a job well done – It’s a call for action to accelerate gender parity and create a more gender-inclusive world, especially in a male-dominated industry like technology that is still battling diversity.

We are very proud of the women on our team and could not be happier to take some time to thank them all for what they bring to Indellient each and every day. Thanks to these brilliant, creative and strong women that make up our diverse team!

We celebrated International Women’s Day with a High tea event.

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