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Starting a new job can be exciting but difficult, even when you’re not in a Pandemic. Today we interview two Indellient employees who started working with us in the middle of the pandemic. They discuss the interview process, what it’s like at Indellient working remote, and tips they have for future employees in the same sitution!

Meet Kamudi Panvalkar, Solution Design Specialist

Kamudi joined our team in June 2020 when the pandemic was still pretty recent. She is coming up on one year with our Cloud Application team and gives some insight into her time with us so far.

What’s the weirdest part about starting a new job during a pandemic?

“Finding the right kind of career opportunity is not an easy task; moreso, in the pandemic situation. There isn’t like, a first day at new place, preparing to go to new office, new desk all that newness is gone and feel the excitement is gone.”

How do online interviews compare to in person interviews?

“Other than sitting home and asking everyone home to be quiet there wasn’t anything different as all participants were on a video call. Advantage is you are not asked to do anything on the whiteboard.”

What’s your favourite part about working at Indellient?

“Firstly, unlike having worked with large established organizations in the past, Indellient was a young organization which brought out fresh ideas to the table (desk). Not to mention the collaborative diverse culture within the organization opened a new way of thinking amongst employees & helped build a sense of belonging to the role & the company.

Secondly, Indellient made me comfortable in the role within no time, which helped me progress holistically in my role as a Solution Architect. Not to mention, co-workers going out of their way to coach me & bring me up to speed on my daily objectives.”

Give your four best tips for starting a job remotely?

  1. Be disciplined and follow a schedule even if you are at home.
  2. Try to use Slack or similar social app a lot to know your teammates and co-workers.
  3. Getting into your work clothes or even outdoor clothes makes you attentive
  4. Have a dedicated desk and home office setup.

Meet Bawa Prashar, Sr Project Manager

Bawa started working with us in March 2021, almost a full year since the pandemic started! Like Kamudi, Bawa works on the Cloud Application team providing support as a Senior Project Manager. He gives a great perspective as a recent hire:

What’s the weirdest part about starting a new job during a pandemic?

“Not meeting anyone in-person before being hired or even after. You get to meet them virtually during the interview process, but that is it.  Also, not visiting the office and having my work machine shipped to me.  I know COVID has been a thing for over a year, but it was still somewhat weird. “

How do online interviews compare to in person interviews?

“I would say the format is the same, but it can be harder to read people.  I know some people love it because you can have your notes, browser tabs, multiple screens to help.  None of which I needed #PreparationIsKey :)”.

What’s your favourite part about working at Indellient?

“The people and culture.  Indellient is filled with a smart, welcoming group of people that are collaborative and supportive.  Joining the team during COVID has been smoother than I anticipated and part of that goes to the great people and onboarding process in place.”

Give your four best tips for starting a job remotely?

  1. Get comfortable with Zoom/Teams and turn on your camera during meetings as much as possible to get that face time with people you work with.
  2. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you are new, take advantage of being a newbie while you can, and do not worry about how it may look.
  3. Schedule donuts (virtual chats) with your colleagues and/or lean on your immediate colleagues for support.  They are there to help.
  4. Embrace the unique aspect of it.  It is still very foreign to many, but also something not everyone can say they have done. Enjoy the experience.

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