Inside Indellient: Sharna DeJong

Noor Choudhry
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Inside Indellient is our monthly employee spotlight where you can get to know a team member on a more personal level. This February, our employee spotlight shines on Sharna DeJong, our People & Culture Coordinator at Indellient.

When did you start at Indellient?

“I joined Indellient on April 28, 2022. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year already. Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Tell us about what you do at Indellient.

“My role at Indellient is broad; I assist with payroll, benefits administration, onboarding, offboarding, planning internal initiatives, and a few other things. Every day looks different. Some days I may be hosting an orientation session or getting everything ready for payroll submission. On other days I’m planning upcoming events, answering employee questions, or crafting our monthly internal newsletters.”

Describe your job in emojis only.

“👂🤔👥🖧💸🎉 “

How do you like to start your day?

“Being 6 months pregnant I usually wake up around 5 am and start my day with a prenatal stretch or yoga to help with the body aches. I then make breakfast usually consisting of a bagel and a banana with peanut butter. I start work around 7:30 am. I work really well with a to-do list so to start my workday I compile a list of tasks that need to get done or things that would be nice to work on. Then I hit the ground running.”

What’s your favorite part about working at Indellient?

“I love the range of tasks in my job. I enjoy many facets of HR and in this role, I get a taste of most of them! This is also my first time being in a role where I do payroll and benefits administration. I continually learn new things and am pushed out of my comfort zone.”

What advice would you give to someone applying at Indellient?

“During the recruitment phase, I recommend being yourself! Interviews often feel very formal but try to let your personality shine through. We hire the best people that our clients and team will enjoy working with. Once onboard, I suggest putting yourself out there and talking to as many people as you can! Our team is often cited as being the best part of Indellient. You will be surprised by how many people you can connect with and will be willing to help you out.”

What’s something you’re learning now or learned recently?

“We recently relaunched our monthly newsletters using MS Sway which I’ve never used before. Luckily, it’s very intuitive and I’ve enjoyed playing around with the possibilities there. The HR department has also started using Jira to manage our projects, so I’ve been learning how to leverage Jira to facilitate tasks effectively. I’ve been in my role for almost a year now so I’m getting used to payroll and all the new systems but there is always something new that I’m learning.”

What is the last show you binge-watched?

“Wednesday! After watching this on Netflix, I’ve discovered a love for the Addams family series. I can’t believe I never saw anything apart of this series till recently, but it’s amazing.”

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