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Managed IT Solutions Support Lead Jon Deboer

We are so excited to introduce Managed IT Solutions Support Lead Jon Deboer on this weeks’ Inside Indellient. Every month we introduce a new member of our team. Our Employees are our solutions and we love to recognize their hard work! Jon has been with the company since April 2014 and is known around the office for his love of BMX bikes.

Tell us more about what you do at Indellient:

“As Operations Support Lead it is my job to perform daily system health checks and monitor scheduled jobs, build and refresh reports, and work directly with clients to understand and satisfy their non-project related requirements.”

What is your favourite part about working at Indellient:

“My favourite part about working at Indellient is the people and the culture. There is an overall mindset within Indellient where we all work together as a team and are happy for one another’s successes. This growth mindset allows for a healthier work environment as well as never feeling unsupported in new tasks or challenges.”

What advice would you give to someone applying at Indellient?

“Assuming you’re already educated, motivated, and able to sit through an interview, may the odds be ever in your favour…?”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

“My wedding picture was on the front page of my local newspaper because it was a photo of me on a bike jumping over my new wife at a skatepark.”

What is the last show you binge-watched?

“The Queen’s Gambit”

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