Inside Indellient: Evan Ahlberg

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Inside Indellient: Evan Ahlberg

This month Inside Indellient we got to know Evan Ahlberg our Systems Administrator since January 2020! Evan is well known for going above and beyond for any request that comes his way. He has helped me many times with maintaining our website. Since Evan started just before the pandemic not everyone has met Evan, so this spotlight shines a light on our IT hero!

Tell us more about what you do at Indellient:

“When I first started, I was responsible for all internal systems and supporting employees.  That could be anything from creating a new Virtual Machine for hosting an internal application to fixing someone’s laptop.  While I still do a bit of it on a day-to-day basis, I have transitioned my skills on to the cloud and have started helping some clients manage their applications on AWS.  Whether it is debugging lambda functions or optimizing queries, I do what I can to ensure the client’s application is running smoothly.”

What is your favourite part about working at Indellient:

“It is definitely the people that work here.  If you have any problems with anything people are willing to help the best they can.  Social events like trivia night create a fun atmosphere and keeps morale high even if it’s currently on zoom.”

What advice would you give to someone applying at Indellient?:

“Indellient is a great place to work if you are looking to further your career.  Since I have started at Indellient I have managed to get 2 AWS certificates and as I mentioned before I am now using the knowledge I’ve gained to help clients.”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

“I once ran a half marathon in Vegas and will probably never run in one again, at least I survived.   I’m also terrified of Edward Scissorhands. “

What is the last show you binge-watched?:

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s great!  NINE-NINE!”

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