Indellient Takes on Healthy Workplace Month

Japneet Gill
Human Resources Director

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This October, Indellient is challenging its employees to build and sustain a healthy work environment by participating in Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month.

The goal of this initiative is to increase awareness of the need for a comprehensive approach to workplace health in Canada that is influenced by the four elements of a healthy workplace:

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Workplace Culture and Mental Health
  • Physical Environment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Like any organization, we want to foster a happy and productive workplace for our employees. As the HR Manager, my goal is to increase awareness of the importance of workplace wellness and produce ideas that stick with us through the new year and beyond.

Activities will focus on increasing conversation about workplace wellness through onsite yoga and fitness classes, community outreach and fitness challenges for us all to enjoy. Plus, there will be extra emphasis on taking mental breaks and eating healthy.

Promoting Work-life Balance

A critical aspect of workplace wellness is a work-life balance.

Although everyone has different priorities and responsibilities in their daily lives, I believe it is possible for us all to achieve an acceptable balance.

To kick off the month, here are some basic tips to create a healthy work-life balance. Once you have mastered your work-life balance; we can collectively work towards creating a healthier workplace environment at Indellient.

Define and find your balance. How would an ideal work-life balance look for you and how can you create it? Consider what barriers are currently stopping you from attaining your work-life balance.

Maintain open and honest communications. Whether it’s with your team, manager, or partner – it’s crucial for everyone to know what is important to you.

Manage your time: Set realistic deadlines and prioritize what is important and what is urgent. Make lists, they do help!

Unplug yourself from work during the personal time. Try to dedicate at least two hours of quality personal or family time each evening that are completely distraction free. This means no checking emails every 15 minutes.

Take time for you. This is my personal favorite! But for you; whether it’s taking a walk, reading a good book, watching a movie or tv series, workout, or yoga class, be sure to make time for yourself.

With the ever-increasing channels of communication, constant changes in the tech industry and the pressures of our daily lives, it has become harder to switch off and maintain a work-life balance. However, taking small steps and organizing your time can put you on a positive track to achieve that equilibrium we all strive for.

You can stay updated on the month-long activities on our blog and social channels!

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Japneet Gill

Human Resources Director