Indellient, the creators of Blue Relay, Opens Office in New York



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We are excited to let you know that our company, Indellient, recently opened a second office in New York State (Blue Relay is Indellient’s flagship product). This new office accommodates Indellient’s growing client base in the United States, and will accelerate our increasing footprint in the US market. With many of our customers operating in the United States, the ability to be more central and available for clients makes the decision to expand a very clear and purposeful one.

Indellient opens new office in United States

Much of Indellient’s success is the result of its strong emphasis on high customer satisfaction, reliability, and adaptability in its software solutions, consultations and customer service. For over 12 years, the Indellient team has provided custom software development, application development and data management solutions that have delivered highly successful business outcomes for our clients.

With a wide range of in-house skills, creativity, innovative mindsets and drive, Indellient has built a dynamic portfolio of products and services that are unique, innovative and robust. Clients include Broadridge, Express Scripts, IBM, Inlet, several Blue Cross Blue Shield companies and more.

Recent client implementations of Blue Relay have demonstrated the product’s strong fit for the American Health Insurance and Payer industry. Blue Relay enables health payers to be much more agile and proactive in the execution of their member communication development processes.

We look forward to the new opportunities this brings.

You can read the official release here.

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