Indellient Hosts Members of the Sikhia Career Development Retreat 

Kulwinder Billen
Software Development Manager

Noor Choudhry
Content Marketing Specialist

At Indellient, we embody a culture of learning, teaching, and helping. That’s why when our very own Kulwinder Billen, a Software Development Manager at Indellient, told us about the Sikhia Career Development Retreat that he helps organize and volunteer for, we were more than happy to open our office doors to students looking to learn more about the software and professional services industry.

What is the Sikhia Career Development Retreat?

Sikhia is Canada’s only career-development retreat for Sikh youth between the ages of 17 and 26. The retreat strives to equip Sikh youth with the tools and resources they need to become outstanding students, employees, business owners, and community members.

Experience Sikhi

I have been volunteering with a charity named Experience Sikhi. As part of that organization, we run the Sikhia Career Development Retreat. It’s aimed to provide students the ability to further understand the career they are pursuing by attending job shadows, talking to professionals within the field, alongside building skills through mock interviews and resume critique workshops. Kulwinder Billen

A day with Indellient

Part of the Sikhia Career Development Conference is getting a hands-on, in-office experience with an employer relevant to their professional interests and goals. Visiting Indellient and meeting current team members gave the attendees the opportunity to understand the day-to-day of professionals within the software industry.

While post-secondary education sets an expectation of technical requirements and know-how, career trajectories are seldom predictable or linear. These in-person meetings gave the students the opportunity to understand if their career path expectations aligned with reality via:

  • Job shadowing current Indellient team members based on aligned areas of interest
  • Asking career-related questions to current Indellient team members
  • Networking with current industry professionals

Indellient is fortunate to have a team ripe with unique career stories, sprouting from various educational and cultural backgrounds, that the youth could learn from and relate to.


Every student appreciated the time and level of detail exposed to them from the Indellient team. The greatest takeaway for them was two things. First, to really understand the profession further and to only pursue a career they truly enjoyed.

Second, to take advantage of programs that allowed them to work on long-term projects within school (such as capstone projects, etc). Overall, they started to see how different members of the Indellient team went through different paths.

The students started to understand that each path is non-linear, and everyone has their own journey. – Kulwinder Billen

To learn more about the Sikhia Career Development Retreat and Experience Sikhi, please visit their website:

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Kulwinder Billen

Kulwinder Singh Billen is a Software Development Manager who has formerly worked for our BlueRelay Product, and now works within our services division. He is a full stack developer who generally uses the following languages/framework/technologies: Java, Spring, Angular, and Postgres. He can talk your ear off about investing, finance, and loves a good brainstorming session. He loves to buy books, but rarely reads them. In Japanese, he's known as a Tsundoku. Give him a follow on Twitter: @ksinghbillen

Noor Choudhry

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