Indellient Helps Build Sensu Habitat Core Plans


Image with the Chef, Indellient, and Sensu logos

Indellient, Sensu and Chef joined forces to do what they do best – bring new efficiencies to DevOps teams with the latest and greatest technology stacks.

Open source EVERYTHING! That seems to be the theme around our neck of the woods this month since developing our new open source Jenkins plugin.

The theme continues as we just helped launch a new collaboration between Chef Habitat and Sensu. Now, Sensu is integrated within Habitat’s core plans, available to the open source community. Sensu is a monitoring tool that is well-suited for monitoring all environments with full visibility across all systems and protocols. The latest version of Sensu (in Beta) allows Habitat users to easily take advantage of all the monitoring capabilities offered by Sensu; free of charge and easier to use than ever before!

About Sensu 2.0

Sensu 2.0 is easier to install and operate, requiring only a single Sensu-backend process and Sensu-agent process that communicate directly with each other. The new API-driven approach gives users more flexibility when integrating Sensu into their existing infrastructure and tools. The newest release is built to scale and meet the needs of its users’ infrastructure today and in years to come.

Sensu Habitat Core Plan: How We Helped

Having worked with Chef Habitat quite often in client engagements, our team (led by Senior DevOps Specialist Greg Schofield on this initiative) worked closely with the Chef and Sensu teams to package the new and improved Sensu within Habitat core plans. In just one day (and many cups of coffee), we launched the plan on the public GitHub repository.


We couldn’t be more excited for this collaboration with Chef Habitat and Sensu! The DevOps world can take advantage of this great resource immediately.

Now, Sensu 2.0 will:

  • allow Habitat customers to easily take advantage of its monitoring capabilities and help streamline their application lifecycles with little effort; and
  • give Sensu users looking to go down the Habitat path a smoother journey and ample opportunity to improve their environments and processes.

Sensu 2.0 Beta is now publicly available for testing. Read and learn how!

If you’d like to know more about the Sensu and Habitat collaboration, reach out to us anytime. We’d be happy to chat.

P.s – make sure to attend the Sensu Summit taking place August 22 – 23 in Portland for some more Sensu 2.0 talk!

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