Indellient Attends Chef Partner Conference


Closeup photo of a persons clenched fists put together, with letters on the index, middle, and ring fingers of each hand, spelling out the word DEVOPS

On Jan. 16, Chef – a leader in IT automation – to expand our DevOps portfolio. And now 3 members of our team are jetting off to Austin, Texas to take part in ChefConf 2017 which brings together 2, 000 members from the DevOps community from around the world. Marking it’s 6th year, the conference held from May 22 – 24 allows the Chef community to come together and share best practices, and learn from training sessions, workshops and presentations.

DevOps in Action

Passionate leaders, practitioners, and innovators from the DevOps community who attend the conference every year will come together for lively discussions about the DevOps workflow, infrastructure automation and continuous application delivery.

DevOps embraces all people and viewpoints. The enterprise technology movement meshes the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle. Most important of all, it leads to the faster resolution of problems, as well as happier and more productive teams. In fact, by 2019, DevOps capable tools will generate $4.6B in revenue according to Gartner. So, what’s not to love?

ChefConf challenges the status quo,” writes Nathen Harvey, vice president of community development at Chef. “It introduces new ways of thinking, problem-solving, and collaborating. The show pushes boundaries—personal, professional, and everything in between—inspiring attendees to take the road less traveled, while simultaneously opening up to people and possibilities previously not considered.”

The Best of Both Worlds with Indellient and Chef Partnership

Our talented developers mirror the principals of Chef and make the process of getting code out into the real world simpler. Teammates Skyler Layne, Greg Schofield and Damith Karunaratne are excited to take in the Austin experience and take part in the larger partner ecosystem at ChefConf 2017.

Along with soaking in the valuable information (and sun), they are also preparing to earn their Basic Chef Fluency badge so they can be fluent in Chef’s basic design philosophy & value proposition, as well as being able to convey Chef concepts and features like a pro. They have been studying tirelessly in preparation and will be taking an exam at the conference to qualify and earn their merits.

“To be a full-fledged Chef partner, you need to have three people that are certified. This will be the first of three badges that will put us on our way to becoming certified Chef developers,” says Software Developer, Skyler Layne. “This will add credibility to Indellient’s Chef skills and people will be more likely to come to us.”

“Becoming a Chef partner is beneficial because you are backed up with resources and training at an affordable cost. We even have an actual Chef manager assigned to us to answer any of our questions and help us with the learning process,” says Software Developer Greg Schofield about his participation with the Chef program. “Becoming Chef-certified will change how we conduct business because it will help us modernize many of our clients’ systems.”

This is the first out-of-country conference for the duo who are excited to learn more about what they are so passionate about in such an interactive way.

Skyler, Greg and Damith will each be attending additional on-hands workshops at the conference that will add to their repertoire and experience at this year’s Chef conference.

To read more about the Chef Partner Program, click here.