How to Deliver Software Like an Elite Enterprise

David Found
Vice President, Software

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As part of small/medium business, do you ever look to the likes of Facebook and think about their old mantra of “Move Fast and Break Things” and think – if only we could be like that! Facebook has since ditched that motto and adopted “Move fast with stable infrastructure” – which clearly doesn’t have the same ring to it and by the time of reading this, they’re likely to have transitioned again, but one thing they continue to push for is speed. The reason? Improving cycle times for delivery directly relates to the realization of value.

Speed isn’t the only thing elite performing enterprises are bringing to the table, but together with Reliability, Availability, Security, and Compliance – an organization can achieve great things. Navigating the waters of bureaucracy is often where organizations are admired or admonished, but that is outside the scope of this article.

The Checklist

How many of these apply to you?

Automation Using Scripts

  • This is how we do most of our automation (Bash, Batch, Powershell)
  • Some of those scripts aren’t in a version control system
  • A small set of people actually know how to use them
  • An even smaller set of people would be able to change/improve them
  • The last time they were updated was “before my time”

Culture and Process

  • We have a single person who is our “Build Master”
  • If Fred or Sue left, we’d really be in trouble
  • Sometimes it can be hard to get all of our teams on the same page

Technology and Knowledge

  • Kubernetes looks great, but it’s too hard to get going with it
  • We just don’t have the time to keep up with all the new tools that are available
  • Lucy introduced this new tool for us, but now she’s gone ☹

If some or all of these apply to you, that doesn’t mean you or your organization is in trouble, but it suggests your priorities have been elsewhere. Trust me, we’ve all been there in some facet of life. But I do want to encourage you that there are solutions to issues that can arise from the above without turning your world upside down.

The Benefits

Imagine a world where none of those checklist items applied to you. Where trust in the people, process, and tools is overflowing.

First, we’re not advocating for deployments on Fridays; we’re advocating for “deployment” to not be a scary word. By injecting tools that match your process and enable you to grow, you and your team can focus on building great software.

But We’re Just a Small Team!?!

Even better! Small teams have the ability to more fluidly adapt. It’s actually the best of both worlds – driving reliable, secure, compliant software delivery without being burdened by the bureaucracy that can loom in larger enterprises.

Our vision is to bring abilities to a greater audience that was previously unaware or unable – whether time, resources, or whatever the impasse. We have worked with some exceptional organizations and learned from the best to pass those experiences on to you. We want everyone to benefit from this knowledge because it means all consumers are getting a better experience when it comes to the software they interact with.

Are You Ready for a DevOps Transformation?

While software continues to eat the world at an ever-increasing pace with DevOps, the challenges and struggles of companies implementing DevOps is very real. We all can overcome these challenges by working together, improving our tools, processes, knowledge and training our workforce.

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