How HashiCorp Suite Tools Accelerate Your DevOps Transformation


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In July 2018, we announced Indellients partnership with HashiCorp to deliver greater value to our DevOps clients.

Indellient is continuing to grow our presence in the DevOps community by investing in strategic partnerships and tools that will further enable our customers. We’re firm believers that finding the right toolset to automate your infrastructure and software delivery is critical to stay consistent, highly-available and secure. That’s why we teamed up with HashiCorp as their forward-thinking team provides consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.

Here’s how we’ve been using HashiCorp’s suite of tools so far.

HashiCorp Packer

We’re leveraging HashiCorp Packer with multiple cloud and on-premise customers as part of their operating system pipelines. Operating system pipelines are key when building secure, hardened and auditable environments so the entire organization has a stable baseline to run their software on. Packer has been vital in ensuring that regularly patched operating systems images are available. These images can be used in environments ranging from development all the way to production. This helps ensure that environments are consistent and helps solve one piece of the puzzle when it comes to increasing velocity when delivering software at any scale.

HashiCorp Terraform

HashiCorp’s Terraform has become our go-to infrastructure provisioning framework. Terraform adds a layer of abstraction and useful provisioners on top of both public and private cloud platforms to streamline multi-cloud provision requirements. Since all the infrastructure is maintained as code, the infrastructure configuration is transparent, auditable and versioned similar to the traditional software source code. Terraform has become an essential part of our pipelines when it comes to automating the provisioning and management of infrastructure, especially ephemeral infrastructure.

HasiCorp Vault & Consul

HashiCorp Vault, coupled with HashiCorp Consul, provides an industry-leading secret management platform, and this is what our customers typically rely on for managing their secrets. Vault helps simplify and streamline the management of secrets for organizations and teams, so secrets are secured and housed in an auditable way. Vault comes with capabilities to facilitate the rotating of secrets as well as the ability to generate dynamic secrets with leases, so your actual secrets are never exposed. These are just a couple of the capabilities that Vault provides. Vault has been extremely valuable to our customers, especially those in regulated environments.

We’ve covered a few great use cases of HashiCorp Vault and Consul with Chef Habitat through our webinar series. Be sure to check them out.

Together with HashiCorp, Indellient will help businesses move further and faster along their DevOps journey. We’re very excited about this partnership and can’t wait to help organizations thrive!

Looking to amp up your HashiCorp know-how and use? Explore our HashiCorp services here.

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