One of Indellient’s First Employees: Damith Karunaratne


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Damith Karunaratne is a Partner at Indellient, but he started his journey with the firm with humble beginnings.

Damith Karunaratne, Director, Client Solutions.

“I’ve always been naturally interested in technology. Even before high school, I knew this was an area I wanted to pursue,” he says in response to how he ended up in his role.

To his surprise, Damith started his career with Indellient nearly a week after graduating from McMaster University (the hub-spot for future Indellient employees) with a Computer Science degree in 2007.

Damith and his classmate (Indellient’s current Director of Software Services, Christopher Venantius) were lucky enough to cross paths with Indellient Director, Gordon Uszkay, who supervised the pair on a project during their undergrad.

One thing led to another, and Damith and Chris landed an interview with Indellient’s Founder and Managing partner, Adam Caromicoli, while in their last semester of school. They were hired shortly after – a goal that many youths hope to achieve – and Damith’s primary role was working closely with Adam on consulting engagements and software development.

“Indellient was only a couple of years old at that time and was still a growing company. My original employee number was four!” he reflects.

“There was a different variety of projects always in the pipeline. We were learning a lot and expanding our skill-sets rapidly. It’s been great to go through that growth experience and see Indellient grow from four to over fifty.”

Flash-forward to November of 2015 when the opportunity to become a Partner at Indellient presented itself, and Damith lept at the chance.

“I was not expecting it to happen as soon as it did, and felt that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s given me the ability to help in contributing to growth directly, and I’m thankful for how things panned out.”

Damith’s role mainly consists of working with the development team in architecting, designing, and implementing solutions, as well as client communications around those projects.

“I want to grow the company two-fold. We deliver great solutions to our customers, and I truly believe that our drive can benefit other companies by engaging with us. As we grow and get recognized, I’m hoping we can provide value to a broader audience,” he says. “I’m also looking to expand our services through our recent initiatives involving AWS, DevOps, and Chef – it’s an area of tech that there’s a ton of excitement about.”

Not only has Damith cherished the growth that he’s seen in himself and the company over the years, but he also considers the people he works with “a second family. Even in our off hours, we engage socially with each other, and the team was even present at my wedding.”

The Indellient family celebrating Damith & Valerie's wedding.
The Indellient family celebrating Damith & Valerie’s wedding.

Though Damith celebrates his work anniversary on October 1st, his focus is on another date – when he and his wife Valerie expect the birth of their son in November.