ChefConf Online Webinar: Is Effortless Effortless in Practice?


ChefConf Online Webinar by DevOps Specialist Yonathan Koren

May 21, 2020 @12PM Eastern

This talk begins with an overview of Chef Effortless’ debut in 2019 and the historical challenges stemming from Chef Infra which Effortless attempts to solve. This talk will recount a first-hand experience of an organization’s movement away from Chef Server to Chef Effortless inside their own datacenter, and how the gradual retirement of the datacenter’s Chef Server was met with challenges in regards to Secrets Management and Configuration Management. We will delve into why these challenges were encountered – because the organization was reliant on Encrypted Data Bag Items and environment-based Cookbook workflows, both features which disappear when moving to the Habitat-driven Chef Effortless model – and how these challenges were overcome.