Evan Pearce, Data Analyst, Celebrates Third Anniversary


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Like our business, our people don’t fit into a cookie-cutter model either, and Indellient’s story can’t be told without them. The Faces of Indellient: Employee Spotlights will feature some of the faces that make up our team – each of whom influence our success.

Evan Pearce is celebrating three years as a Data Analyst at Indellient this month.

Evan Pearce, Data Analyst at Indellient
Evan Pearce, Data Analyst at Indellient.

The McMaster graduate, who has a Bachelor’s of Commerce under his belt, wanted to grow his knowledge in Enterprise Data Management and took on a postgraduate program at Sheridan college to explore this path.

“I was completing my undergraduate in commerce and took a course on computer information systems. This gave me a chance to work with SQL and databases. I really enjoyed that and decided to pursue it further which led me here,” he reminisces.

After indulging in hands-on experience from his internship, he signed on as a Technical Analyst for a pharmaceutical company on a short-term basis. After his old co-worker and current colleague suggested him for a role with Indellient, Evan joined the team in 2014 just as his term was ending – and was thrilled to be given the chance.

“Indellient has many good entry-level positions for people pursuing that path,” he notes.

Today, Evan is a key player in the data and analytics team and works on various long-term projects that require attention to detail, some late nights and working with diverse groups to ensure clients’ needs are thoroughly met. Currently, he’s working on a digital analytics project – a 2-year initiative that requires ongoing engagement and meeting tight deadlines.

Luckily, his IBM Data Stage Certification has provided him with the skills to work on these projects diligently, and though involving a lot of studying, the certification paid off as it made him more acquainted with the architecture.

“Becoming certified in a top tier data analytics tool is one of many opportunities Indellient has helped me pursue during my career”. For Evan, the most rewarding feeling is seeing success in a project that has taken days, months and years to complete.

Here's Evan at an IBM conference in Las Vegas.
Here’s Evan at an IBM conference in Las Vegas.

“One of the initial projects I got to work on when I first started with Indellient was a database and reporting system. I had little practical experience with databases when I started and it was the area I wanted to gain real experience in. I was exposed to many different elements in the project. It was a new position and I got to learn much more about the technology and analytics world.”

The Cambridge, Ontario resident who lives with his wife commutes roughly an hour to get to work, and appreciates that Indellient allows him to work from home so he can still spend time doing what he loves.

“I like how relaxed the company is. People are easy to get along with and it’s especially nice to be able to wear jeans to the office every day of the week,” he says when asked what his favorite part about Indellient is. He also notes that the opportunity to travel, gaining learning experiences at conferences and team outings are high on the list.

But data isn’t all that Evan is passionate about. He particularly enjoys being surrounded by nature, and his favorite activities include biking, fishing, camping, hiking and anything else that requires you to be outdoors.

Evan on one of his many fishing trips.
Evan on one of his many fishing trips.

Evan is now looking to grow his career at Indellient, and wants to engage with clients and develop new BI solutions to meet their needs – a goal he is setting out for himself this year.

“I’m looking forward to enhancing our data solutions through Dundas BI on projects where it’s suitable, and driving new business opportunities where it may not have been possible before.”