Doris Bean Looks Back on the “Best 10 Years of My Career”


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Like our business, our people don’t fit into a cookie-cutter model either, and Indellient’s story can’t be told without them. The Faces of Indellient: Employee Spotlights will feature some of the faces that make up our team – each of whom influence our success.

Operations Manager. Project Manager. Account Manager. Philanthropist. Baker-extraordinaire. Mom.

These are only a handful of titles that describe Doris Bean – a 10-year veteran at Indellient and one of the first hires the company has seen.

Doris Bean, Operations Manager at Indellient.
Doris Bean, Operations Manager at Indellient.

Before gracing Indellient with her vibrant personality, Doris worked for Manulife for 20+ years alongside one of Indellient’s original partners, with whom she developed a close-knit relationship. After hearing about the opportunity and being recommended for the role, she joined Indellient in September of 2007. Little did she know that she was about to enter the “best 10 years of my life.”

Since she started nearly a decade ago, she has witnessed first-hand some of the changes that have shaped the company, such as the exponential growth, changing offices and expanding into new markets. “Though, what’s consistent is our quality of work, desire for having happy customers and how we strive to make that happen. I believe in our operation and it’s nice to work for a company that delivers,” she says.

She’s also been a pivotal player in the development of Blue Relay – Indellient’s proprietary enterprise software – and was heavily involved in the beginning stages of its development until it became a marketable product. She particularly enjoyed working with ESI and customizing Blue Relay to meet their needs, as well as converting one client from a Word-perfect environment to MS office and loved the feeling of simplifying their processes and improving their day-to-day life.

“l love the diversity of working with many different clients.” In fact, she’s had the opportunity to travel during her time at Indellient. One of her most memorable trips has been to Iqaluit and experiencing a unique way of life, and creating a deeper relationship with her many clients.

Doris takes in the views on her trip to Yellowknife on Indellient business.
Doris takes in the views on her trip to Yellowknife on Indellient business.

Along with managing a busy software development team and providing a steady-state environment, Doris is an accomplished baker (baking only homemade treats for employee birthdays) and spearheads many social initiatives around the office and enjoys getting people involved. “You’ll see me front and center at many of our major social gatherings.”

Here's Doris having fun with staff at Indellient's golf tournament.
Here’s Doris having fun with staff at Indellient’s golf tournament.

Many will no doubt agree that Doris brings a very positive attitude to the office every day. She also spreads this positivity through all aspects of her life, including her many charitable initiatives. She is currently sponsoring a family of Syrian refugees and aids them in their quality of life and access to education, walks for Cystic Fibrosis and works on various projects for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) including baking every year for the New Hamburg Relief Sale, where all the profits go to various causes overseas.

Doris is known as the “office mom”, though being the actual mom to her 3 children is her greatest pleasure to date.

Doris and her three children are all smiles in this family photo.
Doris and her three children are all smiles in this family photo.

Doris Bean will celebrate her 10th anniversary on September 5th of this year.

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